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JP-H01140268-A: Editor with file type collating function patent, JP-H01140475-A: Magnetic recording method patent, JP-H01140522-A: Liquid circulation device in continuous vulcanizer patent, JP-H01140799-A: Cooling structure for electronic device patent, JP-H01141792-A: Thermosensitive transfer sheet patent, JP-H01142023-A: Manufacture of wear-resistant steel plate having superior bendability patent, JP-H01142435-A: Apparatus for measuring back scattering light patent, JP-H01144393-A: Controller for inverter patent, JP-H01144546-A: Cathode-ray tube patent, JP-H01145164-A: Thermal head driving circuit patent, JP-H01145291-A: Vertical handlebar for bicycle patent, JP-H01146284-A: Heater patent, JP-H01146751-A: Ink jet head patent, JP-H01147200-A: Crane for immersion pump patent, JP-H01147603-A: Correction method for power unit patent, JP-H01148658-A: Steering wheel patent, JP-H01149786-A: 1,2,4,5-benzoylenebis(anthraquinnone(1,2-d)imidazole) compound and photosensitive substance patent, JP-H01150966-A: Japanese word processor device patent, JP-H01151516-A: External drug compounded with vitamin e patent, JP-H01151977-A: Surface treatment of zinc and zinc-base alloy plated steel sheet patent, JP-H01152397-A: Reactor instrumentation pipe detector patent, JP-H01152406-A: Collimating device patent, JP-H01152486-A: Reflection hologram and its duplicate patent, JP-H01153478-A: Manual trigger type dispenser patent, JP-H01153670-A: N-substituted 2,4,5-tricyanoaniline derivative patent, JP-H01153690-A: 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-5-nitro-pyrimidine derivative patent, JP-H01154182-A: Developing device patent, JP-H01154864-A: Method and device for removing foreign material patent, JP-H01155257-A: Evaluating method of exhaust gas sensor for engine patent, JP-H01155531-A: Production of sealing type information recording medium patent, JP-H01156464-A: Vapor deposition device for wire rod patent, JP-H01158237-A: Control circuit of direct current brake patent, JP-H01159108-A: Fastening chuck patent, JP-H01160678-A: Color developer for pressure-sensitive recording paper and color developing sheet using said color developer patent, JP-H01160925-A: Method for separating paraxylene patent, JP-H01161016-A: Production of elastomeric copolyester and its fiber patent, JP-H01161133-A: Analyzing device patent, JP-H01161226-A: Shutter device patent, JP-H01161881-A: Josephson element and its manufacture patent, JP-H01161927-A: Radio communication system patent, JP-H01161985-A: Video tex terminal equipment patent, JP-H01162863-A: Inspection for blend percentage in fiber bundle patent, JP-H01162996-A: Video cassette selling machine and video cassette selling method patent, JP-H01163531-A: Integral type air conditioning fan patent, JP-H01164259-A: Private power generator patent, JP-H01164413-A: Filter setting device for ventilation fan patent, JP-H01164487-A: Automatic electronic parts sorter patent, JP-H01164807-A: Sheet for frictional connection with high-strength bolt patent, JP-H01164979-A: Developing device for electro-photographic device patent, JP-H01165901-A: Head gap adjusting jig patent, JP-H01166462-A: Alkaline battery patent, JP-H01167077-A: Monitoring equipment for preserve in vacuum patent, JP-H01167971-A: Connector having detecting means patent, JP-H01169372-A: Peak value measuring apparatus patent, JP-H01169866-A: Discharge lamp patent, JP-H01170150-A: Telephone system corresponding to card type telephone book patent, JP-H01171232-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H01171475-A: Needle feeder in apparatus for transplanting colony patent, JP-H01171482-A: Hybridoma cell strain lym-1 and its production patent, JP-H01172381-A: Isolation of trioxane by distillation of aqueous trioxane solution patent, JP-H01172450-A: Polycarbonate resin composition patent, JP-H01172631-A: Hybrid fluid bearing with stiffness modified by electromagnetic effect patent, JP-H01173157-A: Magazine editing system patent, JP-H01173803-A: Method and device for dimensional measurement patent, JP-H01173820-A: Position input system for navigation device for vehicle patent, JP-H01175406-A: Two-dimensional signal processing circuit patent, JP-H01176503-A: Sorting device for double side sawing machine patent, JP-H01176602-A: Light source device patent, JP-H01176731-A: Image formation apparatus patent, JP-H01176772-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H01178430-A: System for controlling energizing of heater patent, JP-H01179028-A: Color printer patent, JP-H01179820-A: Control device for combustion equipment patent, JP-H01182271-A: Packaging bag filled with rust preventive agent patent, JP-H01184341-A: Method and device for temperature control for air conditioning panel patent, JP-H01185543-A: Original length detector patent, JP-H01185547-A: Silver halide color photographic sensitive material with improved preservability of image patent, JP-H01186042-A: Voice mail device patent, JP-H01186082-A: Reproducing device for still video camera patent, JP-H01186147-A: Capstan motor patent, JP-H01186916-A: Thin film transistor array patent, JP-H01187289-A: Shield excavator patent, JP-H01188472-A: Production of aluminum nitride sintered body patent, JP-H01188491-A: Liquid phase epitaxy patent, JP-H01188625-A: Manufacture of piston ring made of steel patent, JP-H01189785-A: Method and device for extracting feature patent, JP-H01190313-A: Memorial tablet patent, JP-H01191359-A: Method for writing and erasing information to coating type optical information recording medium patent, JP-H01191464-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H01191616-A: Apparatus for adjusting height of running wheel for binder, etc. patent, JP-H01194062-A: Document processor patent, JP-H01194279-A: Ic socket patent, JP-H01194302-A: Function trimming of hybrid integrated circuit patent, JP-H01194303-A: Manufacture of magnetic powder given surface treatment and device therefor patent, JP-H01194367-A: Modulation doped hetero junction-type field effect transistor patent, JP-H01194951-A: Method for separating superconductive substance patent, JP-H01195685-A: Manufacture of ceramic heater patent, JP-H01196649-A: System for confirming communication host patent, JP-H01196850-A: Dicing of semiconductor wafer patent, JP-H01197092-A: Laser beam welding equipment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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