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US-7625634-B2: Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass patent, US-8119904-B2: Silicon wafer based structure for heterostructure solar cells patent, US-8203334-B2: Magnetically spirally encoded shaft for measuring rotational angel, rotational speed and torque patent, US-6775928-B2: Lacing system for skates patent, US-6860557-B2: Footrest for a child safety seat patent, US-6878242-B2: Segmented sputtering target and method/apparatus for using same patent, US-7241693-B2: Processing method for protection of backside of a wafer patent, US-7386730-B2: Remote medical supporting system patent, US-7398358-B2: Method and apparatus for high performance branching in pipelined microsystems patent, US-7551079-B2: Jewelry security device patent, US-7647239-B2: Methods and systems for smoothing of the assumed long-term discount rate for pension plans and actuarial valuations patent, US-8063754-B2: Vehicle state information transmission apparatus using tactile device patent, US-8207674-B2: Dose composition suitable for low wattage ceramic metal halide lamp patent, US-7330704-B2: Electrical signal pre-conditioning patent, US-7428119-B2: Magnetic disk drive with head retraction control patent, US-7789310-B2: Media identification patent, US-7794581-B2: Process for the surface treatment of a component, and apparatus for the surface treatment of a component patent, US-7832661-B2: Injector seat that includes a coined seal band with radius patent, US-7989550-B2: Rubber composition for tire tread patent, US-8218188-B2: Electronic document storage apparatus, electronic document storage and reference system, electronic document transfer method, and computer readable medium for storing an electronic document patent, US-8437021-B2: Printing system and program for processing secure print jobs using a security-unaware printer patent, US-6722502-B1: Inflatable corner cushion patent, US-7099413-B2: Method for near optimal joint channel estimation and data detection for COFDM systems patent, US-7464286-B1: Programmable logic devices with skewed clocking signals patent, US-6654477-B1: Receiver and method of construction patent, US-6731326-B1: Low vision panning and zooming device patent, US-7191050-B2: Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof patent, US-7939783-B2: Hand-held electric sealer with detachable sealing module patent, US-7954674-B2: Pump for delivering a fluid product patent, US-8058113-B2: Printing method for high performance electronic devices patent, US-6823330-B1: Site home navigation control patent, US-7277592-B1: Spacial deblocking method using limited edge differences only to linearly correct blocking artifact patent, US-7910986-B2: Semiconductor memory device and data processing system patent, US-8032987-B2: Portable device and hinge assembly patent, US-8067077-B2: Webs and methods of making same patent, US-8152558-B2: Shielded USB connector system patent, US-8157132-B1: Fuel and oil mixing device patent, US-8455649-B2: Insecticidal substituted azinyl derivatives patent, US-8516636-B2: Patient bed for PET/MR imaging systems patent, US-7145757-B2: System for eliminating arcing faults and power distribution system employing the same patent, US-7789153-B2: Methods and apparatuses for electronic time delay and systems including same patent, US-7090831-B1: Pharmaceutical aerosol formulation patent, US-7118949-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7273589-B2: Samples delivering device, method of manufacturing samples applicator, method of delivering samples, and base activation device patent, US-7646125-B2: Electric motor rotor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7653392-B2: Methods and systems for heterogeneous wireless network discovery and selection patent, US-7866957-B2: Hermetic compressor patent, US-8242855-B2: Multi-primary distributed active transformer amplifier power supply and control patent, US-8351936-B2: Base station and radio communication method by a base station patent, US-6972377-B2: Glow rods with externally mountable anchoring members and related methods patent, US-8489046-B2: Signal decomposition methods and apparatus for multi-mode transmitters patent, US-6699233-B2: Locking catheter patent, US-6722248-B1: Bi-directional cutting band mill patent, US-6723204-B2: Process for increasing the dry strength of paper patent, US-6955735-B2: Pultrusion with plastisol patent, US-7781052-B2: Method for making particle board patent, US-7827839-B2: Profile element pipe for hydraulic bulging, hydraulic bulging device using the element pipe, hydraulic bulging method using the element pipe, and hydraulically bulged product patent, US-7943071-B2: Polyethylene terephthalate filament having high tenacity for industrial use patent, US-6653209-B1: Method of producing silicon thin film, method of constructing SOI substrate and semiconductor device patent, US-6715507-B2: Vaporizer patent, US-7373729-B2: Device and method for laying floor coverings in corner areas where floors and walls meet patent, US-7579947-B2: Industrial process sensor with sensor coating detection patent, US-6754717-B1: Establishing compatibility of messages for communicating between processing entities with continuous availability patent, US-7657553-B2: Method and apparatus for improving end to end performance of a data network patent, US-7071982-B2: Adaptive relative and absolute address coding CMOS imager technique and system architecture patent, US-7432353-B2: Fluorescent indicator proteins patent, US-7725007-B2: Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor patent, US-6774103-B1: Compounds for deactivating phospholamban function on Ca-ATPase (phospholamban inhibitors) patent, US-7052636-B2: Heat treated profile extruded hook patent, US-7248843-B2: Antenna selection system and method patent, US-7520821-B2: Golf club head and method of making same patent, US-7335736-B2: Compositions and methods for detecting Treponema palidum patent, US-7379801-B2: Programmable automotive computer system patent, US-8176597-B2: Vacuum cleaner with cyclonic dirt separation patent, US-7413869-B2: Method for determining potency of antigenic presenting cell based vaccines patent, US-7668159-B2: Methods and apparatus for obtaining variable call parameters suitable for use in originating a SIP call via a circuit-switched network from a user equipment device patent, US-8204094-B2: Scalable, efficient laser systems patent, US-8494516-B2: Delivery of subscription services to roaming users through head end equipment patent, US-8559995-B2: Power control apparatus for wireless telecommunication system patent, US-7582131-B2: Plastic support net for filter media patent, US-7682220-B2: Glass-plate working apparatus patent, US-8418943-B2: Egg shell membrane separation patent, US-7388254-B2: MOS-gated device having a buried gate and process for forming same patent, US-6741909-B2: Internet capable browser dispenser architecture patent, US-7332114-B2: Process for manufacturing sound absorbing cement tile patent, US-7377669-B2: LED module and system of LED modules with integral branch connectors patent, US-8464919-B1: Infant carrier patent, US-8455031-B2: Beverage compositions having low levels of preservative with enhanced microbial stability patent, US-8554560-B2: Voice activity detection patent, US-7981076-B2: Reconstituting infusion device patent, US-6957094-B2: Examination of scattering properties of biological tissue patent, US-7088764-B2: Method for determining signal quality of simultaneously received multiple channels of data patent, US-7291212-B2: Ink and ink set for ink jet printing and method of ink jet printing patent, US-6659478-B2: Combination walker and transport chair patent, US-7717678-B2: Spindle with overmolded bushing patent, US-7178153-B1: Method and mechanism for implementing an access interface infrastructure patent, US-7644676-B2: Storage tank containing liquefied natural gas with butane patent, US-7603456-B2: System and method for securing remote administrative access to a processing device patent, US-7696117-B2: Method and apparatus which reduce the erosion rate of surfaces exposed to halogen-containing plasmas patent, US-7189720-B2: Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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