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US-7215855-B2: Cones and cylinders of laser light patent, US-7501877-B2: Superconducting single flux quantum modulator circuit patent, US-7558691-B2: Method for determining a characteristic of a sensor arrangement patent, US-7679484-B2: Fusible link unit patent, US-7801789-B1: Stabilized monte carlo technique and method and system of applying same to valuate assets including derivative securities patent, US-8052113-B2: Seat slide apparatus for vehicle patent, US-8153688-B2: Esters of 2-phenylalkanenitriles and antifungal compositions containing them patent, US-8210450-B2: Fluid dispensing nozzle tip assembly with an adjustable guide patent, US-8438349-B2: Proxy backup of virtual disk image files on NAS devices patent, US-8471146-B2: Breaker tray for a panelboard cover patent, US-8502587-B2: Fast recovery voltage regulator patent, US-6749451-B2: Electrical plug-in adapter for optional connection to different national plug-in systems patent, US-6848187-B2: Rotation angle detector patent, US-6861500-B2: Resins curable with actinic energy ray, process for the production thereof, and photocurable and thermosetting resin composition patent, US-7040447-B1: Pedal pusher patent, US-7109590-B2: Semiconductor component comprising a surface metallization patent, US-7456413-B2: Apparatus for evacuating a sample patent, US-7545400-B2: Image forming apparatus and method of controlling top margin of printing medium in image forming apparatus patent, US-7828373-B2: Polycarbonate panel assembly for a vehicle patent, US-7973490-B2: HID lighting control with transient voltage sensing and lamp restarting, and method of making and using patent, US-8023964-B2: Predictive mobile phone service disruption service patent, US-8112119-B2: Portable electronic device patent, US-8169075-B2: Electronic part with affixed MEMS patent, US-8377784-B2: Method for fabricating a semiconductor device patent, US-8577630-B2: Automatic discharge of a failed battery patent, US-8590291-B2: Control device of reducing agent supply apparatus, reducing agent collection method, and exhaust gas purification apparatus patent, US-6694815-B2: Liquefaction phenomenon prediction system patent, US-6862352-B1: Controlled switching mechanism for accomplishing soft polarity reversal, ring-trip filtering, and line voltage measurements in a subscriber line interface circuit using common capacitor patent, US-6910811-B2: Optical fiber alignment device and method patent, US-6985847-B2: System and method for process matching patent, US-7090115-B2: Container for bagged beverages patent, US-7143081-B2: Automated abstract database generation through existing application statement analysis patent, US-7222054-B2: Personal ambulatory wireless health monitor patent, US-7302436-B2: Business workflow database and user system patent, US-7322946-B2: Massage apparatus patent, US-7440740-B2: Method of transmitting data where in a first mode, the power level is not indicated in a message and an NPSK modulation scheme is used, and in a second mode, the power level is indicated in a message in an NQAM modulation scheme is used patent, US-7708941-B2: Liquid product pressure treatment method and device patent, US-7830897-B1: System and method for assigning network addresses to users based on their relative spatial relationship patent, US-7888765-B2: Optical semiconductor device patent, US-7919444-B1: Hollow cell bath soap patent, US-7980630-B2: Monitoring/entertainment system for a child's seat patent, US-8048149-B2: Intraluminal stent including therapeutic agent delivery pads, and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8050005-B2: Automatic function with selectable fuse rating for single fuses and fuse panels patent, US-8191775-B2: Gift card account system and methods of a merchant processing a gift card patent, US-8301134-B2: Main device of cordless telephone system patent, US-8413467-B2: Device and method for cambering a glass sheet patent, US-8580273-B2: TNF superfamily member light fusion proteins patent, US-6720823-B1: Register recall in a will system patent, US-6009455-A: Distributed computation utilizing idle networked computers patent, US-6745374-B2: Algorithms for determining path coverages and activity patent, US-6796428-B1: Expanding envelope with built-in divider patent, US-7058406-B1: Cell re-selection utilizing system information length patent, US-7326843-B2: Locking nut assembly for hi-hat clutch patent, US-7338404-B2: Drive assembly for variable torque distribution patent, US-7390291-B2: Apparatus for rapidly expanding and folding cardboard boxes patent, US-7400595-B2: Method and apparatus for battery life extension for nodes within beaconing networks patent, US-7590117-B2: Multichannel processor patent, US-7693008-B2: Video reproduction apparatus, video reproduction method, and video reproduction process program patent, US-7694629-B2: Method and system for controlling small wild animals and rodents patent, US-7959800-B2: Method for preparing acidic solutions of activated silica for water treatment patent, US-7987579-B2: Method for mounting permanent magnets that form magnetic poles on the rotor of an electric machine patent, US-8044858-B2: Regional navigation satellite supplementary system patent, US-8058772-B2: Method and device for moving an element to be driven using an actuating element formed by etching in a semiconductor material patent, US-8125445-B1: Horizontal capacitively sensed pointing device patent, US-8570109-B2: Ring oscillator for generating oscillating clock signal patent, US-6658530-B1: High-performance memory module patent, US-6679979-B2: Aqueous ionomeric gels and products and methods related thereto patent, US-6691831-B1: Splashing oil lubrication type internal combustion engine patent, US-7113733-B2: Image forming apparatus with moveable cleaning or transfer member patent, US-7266807-B2: Method for integration edition of setting file and setting file integration base patent, US-7325274-B2: Vacuum cleaner with dust collecting device patent, US-7499353-B2: Integrated circuit chip having non-volatile on-chip memories for providing programmable functions and features patent, US-7865818-B2: Form output control apparatus, form output control method, and computer readable program patent, US-7881448-B2: Method and system for notifying a telephone user of an audio problem patent, US-8035363-B2: Procedure and a switching arrangement for triggering a load element using an electronic switching element in a load circuit patent, US-8165006-B2: Optical disc device and data reproduction method for the same patent, US-8227470-B2: Combination treatment of solid cancers with antimetabolites and tyrosine kinase inhibitors patent, US-8243814-B2: Combing artifacts detection apparatus and combing artifacts detection method patent, US-8291624-B2: Blade assembly for an excavating apparatus patent, US-8298568-B2: Oil-in-water type emulsion with low concentration of cationic agent and positive zeta potential patent, US-8315651-B2: Instant messaging to a mobile device patent, US-8401118-B2: Method and apparatus for constant envelope demodulation patent, US-6721606-B1: Method and apparatus for optimizing overall characteristics of device patent, US-6752174-B2: Safety plug patent, US-7128033-B2: Valve driving apparatus and internal combustion engine including the same patent, US-7280384-B2: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-7422116-B2: Self-propelled screening apparatus patent, US-7470211-B2: Variable valve system of internal combustion engine and control method thereof patent, US-7797021-B2: Print medium having linear and two-dimensional coded data patent, US-7927537-B2: Tape winder and method of processing tape patent, US-8084301-B2: Resin sheet, circuit device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8151108-B1: Methods for establishing a secure channel of communications to enable switched video service on a host media server patent, US-8250105-B2: Input data structure for data mining patent, US-8405926-B2: Tape drive velocity control patent, US-8536761-B2: Piezoelectric resonator having mesa type piezoelectric vibrating element patent, US-6742229-B2: Buckle device patent, US-6755254-B2: Horizontal spool tree assembly patent, US-6894945-B2: Clock synchronous semiconductor memory device patent, US-6965197-B2: Organic light-emitting device having enhanced light extraction efficiency patent, US-7305021-B2: Real-time software receiver patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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