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US-8239045-B2: Device and method for retaining a medical device within a vessel patent, US-8117244-B2: Non-disruptive file migration patent, US-8409099-B2: Focused ultrasound system for surrounding a body tissue mass and treatment method patent, US-8089289-B1: Capacitive field sensor with sigma-delta modulator patent, US-8142288-B2: Base station movement detection and compensation patent, US-7790708-B2: Prodrugs of GABA analogs, compositions and uses thereof patent, US-7880733-B2: Light sensitive display patent, US-8226618-B2: Gearing mechanism for an injection device patent, US-8438601-B2: Resource management for a networked personal video recording system patent, US-5979572-A: Flow control tool patent, US-8342379-B2: Surgical device having multiple drivers patent, US-7896892-B2: Multiple bias surgical fastener patent, US-7899510-B2: Medical sensor and technique for using the same patent, US-666895-A: Grain-drill. patent, US-670735-A: Trunnion and jacket for rapid-fire or machine guns. patent, US-680485-A: Musical instrument. patent, US-682039-A: Gas-generator. patent, US-700562-A: Knife-sharpening device. patent, US-704577-A: Buttonhole-moistener. patent, US-70815-A: Improved faucet for stove-reservoirs patent, US-709655-A: Method of superheating steam. patent, US-714861-A: Process of electrolytic separation of copper and nickel. patent, US-714958-A: Counting-machine. patent, US-722372-A: Head-rest support for couches. patent, US-740428-A: Spark-gap. patent, US-750470-A: Safety dumping-door for gas-purifiers patent, US-760280-A: Electric water-heater. patent, US-763106-A: Window-ventilator. patent, US-764613-A: Washing-machine. patent, US-771407-A: Underframing for cars. patent, US-775059-A: Bottle-filling machine. patent, US-780770-A: Electric meter. patent, US-785888-A: Tightening device for boiler-tubes. patent, US-794751-A: Cultivator. patent, US-798037-A: Decoration of metal surfaces. patent, US-799416-A: Screen. patent, US-803877-A: Implement for imparting vibratory impacts. patent, US-805823-A: Metallic mat. patent, US-808910-A: Faucet. patent, US-832200-A: Pliers. patent, US-847573-A: Chuck. patent, US-7044274-B2: Bicycle front suspension device patent, US-7366221-B2: Laser apparatus and method of driving diffraction grating patent, US-7887616-B1: Potassium polyphosphite composition for agricultural use and associated methods patent, US-8139687-B2: Method to track a target frequency of an input signal patent, US-8248307-B2: Planar antenna and electromagnetic band gap structure thereof patent, US-6657295-B2: Multilayer interconnect board and multilayer semiconductor device patent, US-6724549-B2: Magnetic medium transfer quality control device patent, US-6763937-B2: Paintbox comprising exchangeable paint dishes patent, US-6809834-B1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-6891722-B2: Magnetic locking device patent, US-7258521-B2: Chain-driven robotic arm patent, US-7312635-B2: Integrated circuit provided with core unit and input and output unit patent, US-7491420-B2: Method of manufacturing a plastic container patent, US-7706434-B1: Method and apparatus for cancelling interference in a communication system patent, US-7759977-B1: Buffering circuit patent, US-8261799-B2: Linerless label printer patent, US-8305661-B2: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-8332667-B2: Battery disconnection for secure assembly of computer systems patent, US-8583317-B2: In-vehicle device, vehicle authentication system and data communication method patent, US-6717623-B2: Color separator circuit and chrominance signal processing device provided therewith patent, US-6832446-B1: Self-leveling & convertable pictures patent, US-6939788-B2: Semiconductor device with inductive component and method of making patent, US-7099698-B2: Complementary beamforming methods and apparatuses patent, US-7106200-B2: Deactivator using resonant recharge patent, US-7110361-B2: Method for preventing call collision of packet data in a WLL system patent, US-7196673-B2: Embedded antenna apparatus for utility metering applications patent, US-7236268-B2: Adaptive screening in raster image processing of complex pages patent, US-7271753-B1: Calibration of analog front end for gain sensitive measurements patent, US-7366862-B2: Method and apparatus for self-adjusting input delay in DDR-based memory systems patent, US-7370075-B2: Method and apparatus for managing web services within a computer network system patent, US-7424690-B2: Interconnect integrity verification patent, US-7458488-B2: Portable carrying device with retractable strap patent, US-7538090-B1: Exogenous surfactant protein B mimic patent, US-7677440-B2: Point of sale terminal network implementation for transmitting data indicative of terminal changes upon switching of open close state of cash drawer patent, US-7699983-B2: Swimming pool skimmer comprising two independent pieces fixed to one another orientably patent, US-7875555-B2: Method for plasma processing over wide pressure range patent, US-7886670-B2: Articulating camera transport apparatus and method patent, US-7969528-B2: Liquid crystal display device, and method for assembling the same patent, US-8035959-B2: Portable electronic device with projection function and projection unit thereof patent, US-8038063-B2: Portable security printed matter authentication device patent, US-8072107-B2: Permanent magnet motor or actuator with field weakening capability patent, US-8172350-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8219147-B2: Mobile terminal and method of indentifying SIM card thereof patent, US-8237767-B2: System and method for screening video communications within an interactive television system patent, US-8482208-B2: Switching mode power supplies and control methods used therein to provide power factor correction and constant output current patent, US-8484834-B2: Plant for the electrochemical formation of lead-acid batteries patent, US-6739361-B2: Method and arrangement for obtaining a low-emission tanking operation of a tank system including a tank system of a motor vehicle patent, US-6887323-B1: Method of reducing density by means of gas generating agent patent, US-6904787-B2: Method for measuring suspended particulate matter in atmospheric air patent, US-7114941-B2: Hot embossing auto-leveling apparatus and method patent, US-7162057-B1: Apparatus for and method of monitoring particulate material in a fluid patent, US-7186919-B2: Printed circuit board including embedded capacitors and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7238586-B2: Seamless trench fill method utilizing sub-atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition technique patent, US-7281914-B2: Variable capacity rotary compressor patent, US-7325585-B1: Dental prosthetic forming system patent, US-7336767-B1: Back-scattered X-ray radiation attenuation method and apparatus patent, US-7436634-B2: Magnetically anisotropic shield for use in magnetic data recording patent, US-7580015-B2: Active matrix organic light emitting diodes pixel circuit patent, US-7582466-B2: Bacillus subtilis var. chungkookjang producing high molecular weight poly-gamma-glutamic acid patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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