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US-6966725-B2: Apparatus for spreading aggregate material on a road berm patent, US-7105331-B2: ICE/CED-3 like protease designated FMH-1 patent, US-7138749-B2: Piezo-electric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same patent, US-7345184-B2: Method and system for refurbishing a metal carbonyl precursor patent, US-8029565-B2: Treatment for a patient with congestive heart failure patent, US-7286844-B1: Systems and methods for three dimensional antenna selection and power control in an Ad-Hoc wireless network patent, US-7502509-B2: Systems and methods for digital pen stroke correction patent, US-5922604-A: Thin reaction chambers for containing and handling liquid microvolumes patent, US-7053263-B2: Mouse models of human prostate cancer progression patent, US-7549968-B2: Dynamic, adjustable orthopedic device patent, US-7686996-B2: Methods for flame-perforating films patent, US-7839759-B2: Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method patent, US-7315068-B2: Interface layer for the fabrication of electronic devices patent, US-8014185-B2: Multiple series passive element matrix cell for three-dimensional arrays patent, US-7183011-B2: Magnetic recording medium patent, US-7310353-B1: Compression of overhead in layered data communication links patent, US-7584566-B2: Securing system with housing for hardware patent, US-8414485-B2: Single port device with multi-lumen cap patent, US-8244479-B2: Nucleic acid sequencing system and method using a subset of sites of a substrate patent, US-6838084-B1: Cytotoxic T-cell epitopes of the papilloma virus l1-protein and use thereof in diagnosis and therapy patent, US-7122445-B2: Peeling method patent, US-7974922-B1: Computer-driven exception processing system patent, US-7985254-B2: Endobronchial fluid exhaler devices and methods for use thereof patent, US-8465637-B2: Ion sensor for fluid and method for its manufacture patent, US-7887312-B2: Tire building core patent, US-7909184-B2: Capsule merchandising cage patent, US-7922737-B1: Reciprocating rotary arthroscopic surgical instrument patent, US-6773166-B2: Multi-piece fiber optic component and manufacturing technique patent, US-7206699-B2: Methods for measuring therapy resistance patent, US-8330431-B2: Method for smoothing alternating electric current from a number of power generating units and wind power plant including a number of wind mills with variable rotational speed patent, US-8573904-B2: Grooving insert patent, US-7052498-B2: Expandable orthopedic device patent, US-8083304-B2: Self closing mechanism for drawer slides patent, US-8380279-B2: Intraluminal multifunctional sensor system and method of use patent, US-7253050-B2: Transistor device and method of manufacture thereof patent, US-8207332-B2: Methods of attaching biological compounds to solid supports using triazine patent, US-6660838-B1: Compounds and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer patent, US-7961755-B2: Efficient transport of TDM services over packet networks patent, US-6770280-B1: Treatment of menorrhagia, hypermenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and menstrual migraines by the administration of an antibacterial milk product patent, US-7600655-B2: Anchor for attachment of a handle to a container patent, US-7318398-B2: Engine valve actuation system patent, US-7560831-B2: Data center uninterruptible power distribution architecture patent, US-8343953-B2: Pharmaceutical compounds patent, US-7032356-B2: Interior wall and partition construction patent, US-7503847-B2: Gaming device having convertible reel symbols patent, US-7909664-B2: Wire termination apparatus and method patent, US-8414951-B2: High-purity Rebaudioside D and low-calorie soy sauce containing the same patent, US-7667423-B2: Control systems and methods for permanent magnet rotating machines patent, US-7901887-B2: Automated cancer diagnostic methods using fish patent, US-7507798-B2: Antibody specific for mutant presenilin 1 patent, US-6735614-B1: Contact alerts for unconnected users patent, US-7424310-B1: System, method, and apparatus for automatic transmission of recently captured images patent, US-8419763-B2: Safety needle for accessing the interior of a hip joint patent, US-7516277-B2: Cache monitoring using shared memory patent, US-7713375-B2: Dry erase writing board and method patent, US-7661221-B2: Device mount patent, US-8023538-B2: Ultra-high power parametric amplifier system at high repetition rates patent, US-7923192-B2: Base material for pattern-forming material, positive resist composition and method of resist pattern formation patent, US-7373603-B1: Method and system for providing data reference information patent, US-8078333-B2: Dialysis fluid heating algorithms patent, US-7223273-B2: Anastomosis instrument and method for performing same patent, US-7364568-B2: Microneedle transdermal transport device patent, US-8500766-B2: Oral care implement multiple soft tissue cleaner components patent, US-8536504-B2: Terrestrial solar tracking photovoltaic array with chain drive patent, US-7235653-B2: Oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of the expression of B7 protein patent, US-8024653-B2: Techniques for creating computer generated notes patent, US-7790958-B2: Genomic plant sequences and uses thereof patent, US-8117796-B2: System for attaching reinforcing bars patent, US-8589523-B2: Personalized assistance with setup of a media-playing set patent, US-7801990-B2: Graphical user interface for performing administration on web components of web sites in a portal framework patent, US-8368607-B2: Antenna assemblies with antenna elements and reflectors patent, US-6976721-B2: Slide-out mechanisms and systems patent, US-7563695-B2: Method and system for high-speed precise laser trimming and scan lens for use therein patent, US-7563772-B2: Methods of increasing cerebral blood flow patent, US-8178869-B2: Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7831342-B2: System and method for computing railcar switching solutions in a switchyard using empty car substitution logic patent, US-8290866-B1: Family purchase card for developing financial management skills patent, US-7165644-B2: Method and apparatus of controlling an automotive vehicle using brake-steer as a function of steering wheel torque patent, US-8557300-B2: Methods for treating bacterial respiratory tract infections in an individual using acidified nitrite patent, US-7194010-B2: Wireless base station to base station synchronization in a communication system, such as a system employing a short range frequency hopping or time division duplex scheme patent, US-8168540-B1: Methods and apparatus for depositing copper on tungsten patent, US-6647358-B2: Pharmacokinetic-based drug design tool and method patent, US-7026116-B1: Polymorphisms in the region of the human hemochromatosis gene patent, US-8155152-B2: Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal patent, US-8196649-B2: Thru diverter wellhead with direct connecting downhole control patent, US-8193209-B2: Analgesic combination of oxycodone and meloxicam patent, US-8269201-B2: Radiopharmaceutical pig patent, US-7405852-B2: Display apparatus and methods for manufacture thereof patent, US-7818326-B2: System and method for word indexing in a capture system and querying thereof patent, US-7172024-B2: Mono-diameter wellbore casing patent, US-7799545-B2: Microorganisms for the production of adipic acid and other compounds patent, US-8350004-B2: Peptide nanostructures and methods of generating and using the same patent, US-8062710-B2: Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application patent, US-7834170-B2: Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA patent, US-8191360-B2: Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange patent, US-8023773-B2: Methods, apparatus and programs for generating and utilizing content signatures patent, US-7699241-B2: Docking collar for a pull-out spray head patent, US-8565298-B2: Encoder rate control patent, US-8020775-B2: Payment cards and devices with enhanced magnetic emulators patent, US-8551120-B2: Tissue capturing and suturing device and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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