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US-7920622-B2: Digital broadcasting transmitter, turbo stream processing method thereof, and digital broadcasting system having the same patent, US-8092082-B2: Detachable probe cover for ear thermometer and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8201125-B1: Network mapping using edges as a parameter patent, US-8239422-B2: Methods and apparatus to provision network resource records patent, US-8341824-B2: Method for manufacturing circumferentially deploying type of stator coil patent, US-8405381-B2: Power sensor for a current carrying conductor patent, US-8515160-B1: Bio-inspired actionable intelligence method and system patent, US-6755309-B1: Bicycle stand patent, US-6796200-B2: Multi speed bicycle transmission including eccentric cranking assembly patent, US-6830586-B2: Stentless atrioventricular heart valve fabricated from a singular flat membrane patent, US-6938279-B1: Drain plug patent, US-6951397-B1: Composite ultra-light weight active mirror for space applications patent, US-7397566-B2: Method and apparatus for optical interactance and transmittance measurements patent, US-7421055-B2: Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method patent, US-7453894-B1: Method and system for modifying messages during transmission, based on message source and message destination profiles patent, US-7577566-B2: Method for encoding sound source of probabilistic code book patent, US-8108409-B2: Determining top combinations of items to present to a user patent, US-8153138-B2: Recombinant MVA virus patent, US-8188466-B2: Resistance variable element patent, US-8339910-B2: Dubbing device for dubbing data patent, US-8515239-B2: Method and device for encoding vibro-kinetic data onto an LPCM audio stream over an HDMI link patent, US-7580216-B1: Disk servo pattern writing patent, US-7771908-B2: Anticurl backside coating (ACBC) photoconductors patent, US-8101315-B2: Hybrid membranes, method for production of hybrid membranes and fuel cells using such hybrid membranes patent, US-8561521-B2: Linear compressor patent, US-6829514-B2: Balancing workloads in an electronics assembly factory patent, US-7034692-B2: System and method for transparent early detection, warning, and intervention during a medical procedure patent, US-7100961-B2: Truck bed shelter patent, US-7199650-B1: Method and apparatus for reducing interference patent, US-7317902-B2: Successive log video pad power detector and method patent, US-7398750-B2: Valve mechanism for internal combustion engine patent, US-7762916-B2: Front derailleur for bicycle patent, US-7935077-B2: Thrombectomy catheter deployment system patent, US-8279850-B2: Methods and apparatus to implement voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones patent, US-7077838-B2: Variable repetition rate firing scheme for refractive laser systems patent, US-7315930-B2: Method of selecting heuristic class for data placement patent, US-8066114-B2: Differential impulse conveyor with improved drive patent, US-8096210-B2: Bolt holder tool patent, US-8245421-B2: Closure systems for articles of footwear patent, US-6662830-B2: Sample processing device with integral electrophoresis channels patent, US-7025086-B2: Reverse flow preventing device and electronic apparatus patent, US-7451189-B1: Method for providing video enhanced electronic mail return receipts patent, US-7655757-B2: Cytotoxic ribonuclease variants patent, US-7847054-B2: Method for the synthesis of a polyoxadiazole polymer patent, US-7990269-B2: Method and operator control unit for configuring and monitoring a device with functional safety patent, US-6884902-B2: Organometallic iridium compound, process of producing the same, and process of producing thin film patent, US-7076536-B2: Method and system to access software pertinent to an electronic peripheral device at an address based on a peripheral device identifier patent, US-7269701-B2: Self-configuration of source-to-target mapping patent, US-7593492-B1: Combinational hybrid turbo-MUD patent, US-7978158-B2: Display device and driving method thereof patent, US-8368767-B2: Solid-state image pickup device, optical apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and signal processing system patent, US-8506216-B2: Horizontal machine tool patent, US-6986169-B2: Sport protective headgear patent, US-7873998-B1: Rapidly propagating threat detection patent, US-7907103-B2: Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof patent, US-8180415-B2: Water-shielding type mobile terminal apparatus patent, US-6750475-B1: Method for fabricating electric interconnections and interconnection substrate having electric interconnections fabricated by the same method patent, US-7023398-B2: Reflector for a mobile radio antenna patent, US-7671978-B2: Scatterometer-interferometer and method for detecting and distinguishing characteristics of surface artifacts patent, US-8087721-B2: Reinforcement bracket and related methods for on-line painting patent, US-8508411-B2: Method and system for positioning mobile units based on angle measurements patent, US-6771629-B1: In-band signaling for synchronization in a voice communications network patent, US-6796438-B2: Cable management rack for telecommunication cross-connect systems patent, US-7096063-B2: Method and apparatus for delivering multi-directional defibrillation waveforms patent, US-7572629-B2: Multiple gene transcription activity assay system patent, US-7996710-B2: Defect management for a semiconductor memory system patent, US-8386240-B2: Domain dictionary creation by detection of new topic words using divergence value comparison patent, US-8480452-B2: Athletic bra patent, US-6882865-B2: Fixing structure for input keys patent, US-7337905-B2: Tongue lock for stackable containers patent, US-8101207-B2: Composition containing medicine extremely slightly soluble in water and method for preparation thereof patent, US-8326639-B2: Audio data structure for lossy and lossless encoded extension data patent, US-8403485-B2: System and method for vision evaluation patent, US-8576980-B2: Apparatus and method for acquiring sectional images patent, US-6918849-B2: Power transmission belt containing chopped carbon fibers patent, US-7100754-B2: Pulley unit patent, US-7601744-B2: Benzothiadiazolylphenylalkylamine derivatives and methods of their use patent, US-7666137-B2: Method for analyzing mitochondrial function patent, US-7955015-B2: Device for applying a product patent, US-7010602-B2: Multilevel queuing system for distributing tasks in an enterprise-wide work flow automation patent, US-6811998-B2: Conjugates of uncompetitive inhibitors of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase patent, US-7256283-B2: Methods and compositions for expression of transgenes in plants patent, US-7448614-B2: Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus patent, US-7817232-B2: Liquid crystal display apparatus containing image sensor and process for producing the same patent, US-8414281-B2: Method and device for producing a 3D object by means of a generative 3D-method patent, US-8226449-B2: Method of manufacturing rhenium alloy emission filaments patent, US-6675883-B1: Manifold for heat exchanger patent, US-6963678-B2: Electro-optical transducer with multi-reflector beam-expanding and collimating input/output device patent, US-7324768-B2: Method and device for determining one or more operating points in an image forming device patent, US-8174435-B2: Methods and apparatus for non-isotropic sea clutter modeling patent, US-8259033-B2: Furlable shape-memory spacecraft reflector with offset feed and a method for packaging and managing the deployment of same patent, US-8511392-B2: Downhole swivel sub patent, US-7222651-B2: Tire for preventing rollover or oversteer of a vehicle patent, US-7249923-B2: Flexible fastener patent, US-7664296-B2: Image recording method and system, image transmitting method, and image recording apparatus patent, US-7758121-B2: Active material based conformable and reconfigurable seats patent, US-8051306-B2: Portable computer with shared hardware resources patent, US-8294532-B2: Duplex filter comprised of dielectric cores having at least one wall extending above a top surface thereof for isolating through hole resonators patent, US-7623925-B2: Methods for selectively stimulating components in, on, or near the pudendal nerve or its branches to achieve selective physiologic responses patent, US-8291901-B2: Dose delivery device for inhalation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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