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US-7372106-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-7733607-B2: Suspension with strengthening plate, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with the same patent, US-7734863-B2: Method for guarantying data storing space using dual journaling patent, US-7909044-B2: Applicator device for applying a cosmetic and the use of such a device patent, US-8019468-B2: Transport system and transport method patent, US-8157729-B2: System, method and medium editing moving pictures using biometric signals patent, US-8235645-B2: Carriage assembly patent, US-8266668-B2: Broadcast receiver, data structure, and method for providing diagnostic information patent, US-8501532-B2: Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display patent, US-8506355-B1: System and method for in-situ inspection during metallurgical cross-sectioning patent, US-8523373-B2: Shell and display module of mobile communication terminal and a method of forming the same patent, US-6785366-B1: Apparatus for making outgoing call patent, US-6854709-B2: Throttle valves having spherical shaped edges patent, US-6875075-B2: Closure system for a brassiere patent, US-6901912-B1: Variable delivery fuel supply device patent, US-6957035-B1: Vacuum assisted fuser entrance guide for an electrophotographic machine patent, US-7137631-B2: Cylinder head gasket patent, US-7295406-B2: Narrow track extraordinary magneto resistive [EMR] device patent, US-7318388-B2: Integrated marine performance system patent, US-7545745-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling the quality of service of voice and data services over variable bandwidth access networks patent, US-7580979-B2: Message ordering in a messaging system patent, US-7710789-B2: Synchronous address and data multiplexed mode for SRAM patent, US-7725436-B1: Method and system for reducing the number of read-only, persistent point-in-time images on a storage server patent, US-7888845-B2: Device for coupling low-frequency high-power ultrasound resonators by a tolerance-compensating force-transmitting connection patent, US-7932062-B2: Vector constructs patent, US-7952905-B2: Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the same patent, US-8006137-B2: Computer debug method patent, US-8011032-B2: Energy efficient circulation system for spas and hot tubs patent, US-8060716-B2: Information processing device for securely processing data that needs to be protected using a secure memory patent, US-8328316-B2: Inkjet printhead, printing apparatus, and printing method patent, US-8482407-B2: System and method for tracking a controller patent, US-8551752-B2: RNA polymerase mutant with improved functions patent, US-6647196-B1: Optical device having optical wave guide produced in the presence of acoustic standing wave patent, US-6816409-B2: Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and rewriting method patent, US-6871418-B2: Apparatus and related method for rapid cure of sol-gel coatings patent, US-7000808-B2: Spout design patent, US-7011114-B2: Automotive fuel hose patent, US-7123027-B2: Capacitively coupled position encoder patent, US-7127905-B2: Vapor compression system startup method patent, US-7406718-B2: Nursing cover patent, US-7637424-B2: Printing audio information using a mobile device patent, US-7656603-B1: Pre-programming of a preamplifier in a disk drive to improve servo-writing characteristics patent, US-7722849-B2: Pyrogenic silicon dioxide and a dispersion thereof patent, US-7900778-B2: Apparatus and method for the detection and rejection of metal in particulate material patent, US-8246508-B2: Controller for vehicle drive device patent, US-8265473-B2: Camera and photographic lens patent, US-8556219-B2: Mounting apparatus for data storage device patent, US-6808040-B2: Vehicle-pedal-backward-displacement preventing device for preventing displacement of depressable portion of operating pedal toward operator's seat patent, US-6810222-B2: Image forming apparatus including an image carrier, a latent image forming means, and a developing device capable of preventing developer from escaping the developing device, and process cartridge therefore patent, US-6882072-B2: Energy storage flywheel system with a power connector that integrally mounts one or more controller circuits patent, US-6908123-B2: Bayonet quick coupler patent, US-6922330-B2: Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor fabricated with laser welded anode sheets patent, US-6986783-B2: System method for reducing brain injury particularly in newborn infants patent, US-7012710-B2: Method and system for delivery of mail using coded marks patent, US-7060024-B2: Apparatus for guiding an instrument used with an endoscope patent, US-7082565-B1: Method for matching the bit rate in a communication device, and a corresponding communication device patent, US-7083744-B2: Terminal electrode compositions for multilayer ceramic capacitors patent, US-7124640-B1: Thermal mounting plate for heated pressure transducer patent, US-7181822-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling strip shape in hot rolling mills patent, US-7310897-B2: Bit holder for a ploughing bit and ploughing bit patent, US-7463037-B2: Devices, systems, and methods for adaptive RF sensing in arc fault detection patent, US-7504867-B2: Bus holders having wide input and output voltage ranges and tolerant input/output buffers using the same patent, US-7591085-B2: Outsole for a sports shoe, especially a cross-country ski boot or telemark boot patent, US-7655067-B2: Method for processing aluminium in a rotary or a reverberating furnace patent, US-8028394-B2: Manufacturing method of a thermally insulated housing patent, US-8061922-B2: Apparatus and methods for assembling separate components patent, US-8071169-B2: Droplet discharge method, electro-optical device, and electronic device patent, US-8285941-B2: Enhancing timeliness of cache prefetching patent, US-8434280-B2: Modular building units patent, US-8478810-B2: Message hub apparatus, program product, and method patent, US-6755822-B2: Device and method for the creation of a circumferential cryogenic lesion in a pulmonary vein patent, US-6895251-B2: Method for generating multimedia events using short message service patent, US-7017060-B2: Power management system that changes processor level if processor utilization crosses threshold over a period that is different for switching up or down patent, US-7075046-B2: Objective lens reference system and method patent, US-7114698-B2: Quarter turn valve locking device patent, US-7121345-B2: Subsea tubing hanger lockdown device patent, US-7369288-B2: Micromechanical optical element having a reflective surface as well as its use patent, US-7399077-B2: Eyeglasses with integral case patent, US-7400407-B2: Meter for measuring the turbidity of fluids using reflected light patent, US-7621658-B2: Light-emitting module patent, US-7684312-B2: Method and apparatus for fast FFT processing of paging information patent, US-7816786-B2: Semiconductor unit, and power conversion system and on-vehicle electrical system using the same patent, US-7839636-B2: Image processing apparatus, fan control method, and energy-saving control device patent, US-7907477-B2: Bottle cap medication timer patent, US-8052227-B2: Brake apparatus for vehicle patent, US-8200990-B2: Apparatus, system, and method for a high efficiency redundant power architecture patent, US-8272865-B2: Resin injection mold patent, US-8364725-B2: Bidirectional navigation between mapped model objects patent, US-8465897-B2: Electrophotographic toner patent, US-6648277-B2: Electrical conduit box mounting strap patent, US-6699895-B2: 2-aminothiazoline derivatives and process for preparing the same patent, US-6782161-B2: Laser diode apparatus provided with an aiming beam and injection method therefor patent, US-6819243-B2: Method and apparatus for identifying bulk goods, preferably roll-like bulk goods patent, US-6945769-B2: Valve for an injection molding manifold patent, US-7247424-B2: Screening method for a substance having hypoglycemic activity by using STAT-induced inhibitor of STAT function-1 patent, US-7369907-B2: Portable information processor and information processing method patent, US-7727369-B2: Gas sensor patent, US-7750876-B2: Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus with image signal conversion patent, US-7807474-B2: System and method for direct digitization of NMR signals patent, US-8122194-B2: Transaction manager and cache for processing agent patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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