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US-7423640-B2: Method and system for panoramic display of medical images patent, US-7459981-B2: Circuits and methods for implementing transformer-coupled amplifiers at millimeter wave frequencies patent, US-7480318-B2: Side-pumped solid-state laser source, and pumping process for a solid-state laser source patent, US-7637277-B2: Water meter idler bar patent, US-7810927-B2: Refractive treatment device with slit illumination patent, US-7837602-B1: Portable pull-up apparatus and associated method patent, US-7875875-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7992684-B2: Device for sealing escalator or moving walkway drives patent, US-8047124-B2: Automatic beverage maker patent, US-8179246-B2: Indication clothing patent, US-8275666-B2: User supplied and refined tags patent, US-8492257-B2: Semiconductor device with vertical transistor and method for fabricating the same patent, US-8547486-B2: Liquid crystal shutter and display system using the same patent, US-6715400-B2: Fluid power operative instrumentality patent, US-6752999-B2: Method of skin care and/or treatment using lipoic acid patent, US-6814376-B2: Method and system for generating short pulse signals patent, US-6840368-B2: Accumulator for elongated products, such as tubes and the like patent, US-6858354-B1: Method to prevent side lobe on seal ring patent, US-6999767-B1: Method for controlling hand-off for home zone services in a mobile communications system patent, US-7058915-B1: Pin reordering during placement of circuit designs patent, US-7070029-B2: Monotube piston valving system with selective bleed patent, US-7307621-B2: Computer system with monitor on/off functionality patent, US-7535384-B2: Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding method, and information recording and playback apparatus patent, US-7575301-B2: Image forming apparatus and image forming method patent, US-7589980-B2: DC-DC converter patent, US-7627974-B2: Bridged extractor spring for firearms patent, US-7854148-B2: Device and method for manufacturing an optical preform patent, US-7895790-B2: Algae cultivation apparatus patent, US-7896470-B2: Print cartridge patent, US-7897386-B2: Cell-based assays for G-protein-coupled receptor-mediated activities patent, US-7906970-B2: Current differential protection relays patent, US-8017412-B2: Betavoltaic battery with a shallow junction and a method for making same patent, US-8095169-B2: Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method patent, US-8350709-B2: Presence detector and occupant support employing the same patent, US-8376681-B2: Charging device for a shaft furnace patent, US-8494282-B2: Blur estimation patent, US-8547765-B2: Semiconductor device having sense amplifiers patent, US-6799938-B2: Commissioning device with vertical product storage units and lower conveyor belt or similar patent, US-6817949-B2: Torque limiter and reel mount patent, US-6834779-B2: Dispensing canister patent, US-6845001-B1: Electromagnetic contactor patent, US-6879520-B2: Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same patent, US-6891796-B1: Transmitting data in a power line network using link quality assessment patent, US-6936572-B2: Agrochemical formulation aid composition and uses thereof patent, US-6981450-B1: Grenade dispense mechanism for non-spin dual purpose improved conventional munitions patent, US-7004783-B2: Cabled connector including cable guide attached detachably to connector cover patent, US-7079823-B1: Band-pass filter with carrier frequency reduction patent, US-7193917-B2: Semiconductor storage device, test method therefor, and test circuit therefor patent, US-7309853-B2: Method for controlling a bias voltage applied to an avalanche photodiode patent, US-7316492-B2: Vehicle headlamp patent, US-7326179-B1: Illuminated display system and method of use patent, US-7448845-B2: Gas turbine engine patent, US-7621615-B2: Print medium identifying device, printing apparatus, and print medium identifying method patent, US-7631935-B2: Child car seat device with wing components patent, US-7761965-B2: Automatic swiveling turret apparatus for machine tool patent, US-7796745-B2: Systems and methods for automatic call completion patent, US-7823511-B2: Installation for conveying individuals patent, US-7825788-B2: Apparatus for detecting vehicle wheel positions through measurement of triggering signal strength and noise strength and apparatus for detecting vehicle tire inflation pressure using the vehicle wheel position detecting apparatus patent, US-7872577-B2: Lock input device for a security system patent, US-7888777-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-7921865-B2: Stand-alone mechanical device for controlled watering patent, US-7925932-B1: Method and appartus for detecting an application process failure patent, US-7940959-B2: Image analysis by object addition and recovery patent, US-7968466-B2: Fabrication process of a semiconductor device to form ultrafine patterns smaller than resolution limit of exposure apparatus patent, US-7996550-B2: Peer-to-peer download with quality of service fallback patent, US-8003278-B2: Fuel cell patent, US-8030977-B2: Clock generating circuit patent, US-8111355-B2: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal transflective LCD and method for designing the same patent, US-8302945-B2: Cover assembly for a vehicle air spring patent, US-8321114-B2: Work vehicle and work vehicle control method patent, US-8387874-B1: Machine out of service based on business hours patent, US-6810132-B1: Traffic monitoring apparatus patent, US-6925028-B2: DRAM with multiple virtual bank architecture for random row access patent, US-6988735-B2: Heating arrangement for ice skate blades patent, US-7001161-B2: Scroll fluid machine patent, US-7048729-B2: Catheter and method of fluid removal from a body cavity patent, US-7096695-B2: Washing machine patent, US-7098886-B2: Flat panel display patent, US-7150295-B2: Fuel cell hose patent, US-7178614-B2: Traveling apparatus and method for controlling thereof patent, US-7283033-B2: Axial leaded over-current protection device patent, US-7414345-B2: Commutator and armature patent, US-7469439-B2: Floor slab bridge structure patent, US-7549073-B2: Dynamic adjusting circuit for basic clock signal of front-side bus and method thereof patent, US-7556125-B1: Ladder ridge anchor and attachment and stabilizer system patent, US-7575645-B2: Fe-Ni-Mo soft magnetic flaky powder and magnetic composite material containing soft magnetic powder patent, US-7643366-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-7676148-B2: Camera, computer program product, and amount of light to be emitted calculation method patent, US-7682753-B2: Solid electrolyte comprising fluorine-containing polymer having fluorine-containing ether chains patent, US-7772269-B2: Pyrazole analogs patent, US-7784476-B2: Portable conveyor cleaning assembly patent, US-7899720-B1: Method and apparatus for managing alerts patent, US-7970659-B2: Method and computer readable medium for providing gift registry services through a gift registry network patent, US-7987981-B1: Wrench holder patent, US-8096729-B2: Wheel adjustment apparatus patent, US-8197610-B2: Electric interface for water-bearing household devices patent, US-8229541-B2: Measuring container for biomagnetic measurements patent, US-8247978-B2: Illumination device with a safety feature patent, US-8307226-B1: Method, apparatus, and system for reducing leakage power consumption patent, US-8316643-B2: Method of driving and drive mechanism utilizing surface tension difference convection generated in two fluids having an interface patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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