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US-7603784-B2: Rotating pin sight patent, US-7898577-B2: Light source device and image pickup device patent, US-8201276-B2: Protection device, system and/or method patent, US-8359812-B2: Single strip single web grid tee patent, US-6934573-B1: System and method for changing transmission from an in vivo sensing device patent, US-7195134-B2: Dosage counting devices patent, US-7249556-B2: Compressor with fortified piston channel patent, US-7474805-B2: Efficient scaling in transform domain patent, US-7857109-B2: Adjustable cam actuated brake assembly patent, US-7892601-B1: Corrosion inhibiting powders and processes employing powders patent, US-8067928-B2: DC-DC converter with gate voltage control based on output current patent, US-8225908-B1: Elevator escape system including elevator cab detachable from an interposing device patent, US-8229127-B2: Active noise cancellation in hearing devices patent, US-8284883-B2: Time reference identification method patent, US-8326954-B2: System and method for synchronizing configurations in a controller network patent, US-8417474-B2: Methods of use of substrate having properties of keratinous tissue patent, US-6834353-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a processing integrated circuit patent, US-6885785-B2: Optical fiber bragg grating coating removal detection patent, US-7171591-B2: Method and apparatus for encoding special uncorrectable errors in an error correction code patent, US-7797505-B2: Program stack handling patent, US-7870428-B2: Method of diagnosing circuit board, circuit board, and CPU unit patent, US-7998233-B2: Air cleaner unit for vehicle and fan shroud having the same patent, US-8093964-B2: Add-on trip module for multi-pole circuit breaker patent, US-8213258-B2: System with controller and memory patent, US-8413845-B1: Dual-compartment dispensing container patent, US-8579451-B2: LED lamp patent, US-6700497-B2: System and method for identifying unsafe temperature conditions patent, US-7130894-B2: Graphical user interface features of a browser in a hand-held wireless communication device patent, US-7529016-B1: Extended-range tiltable micromirror patent, US-7594647-B2: Pick mechanism with stack height dependent force for use in an image forming device patent, US-7698305-B2: Program modification and loading times in computing devices patent, US-7816922-B2: Magnetization of target well casing string tubulars for enhanced passive ranging patent, US-7963608-B2: Vehicle seat assembly capable of performing an easy entry function and memory return patent, US-8070695-B2: Strain monitoring system and apparatus patent, US-8210794-B2: Axial-centrifugal compressor with ported shroud patent, US-8392905-B2: Compiling apparatus patent, US-8459884-B2: Interchangeable lens patent, US-8545545-B2: Stent with flexible hinges patent, US-6680460-B1: Apparatus for producing a semiconductor thin film patent, US-6717322-B2: Motor housing having simplified cover plate and brush base patent, US-7073901-B2: Radiation treatment for ink jet fluids patent, US-7117438-B2: Graphic user interface for a patient ventilator patent, US-7277740-B2: Analysis system for reagent-free determination of the concentration of an analyte in living tissue patent, US-7367168-B2: Skewed girder tie patent, US-7578874-B2: Hot melt inks patent, US-7762020-B2: Wall-mounted sliding door system and method patent, US-8383486-B2: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a stress film patent, US-6765892-B1: Optimizing IP multicast data transmission in a mobile IP environment patent, US-6794405-B2: Alicyclic imidazoles as H3 agents patent, US-7031582-B2: Optical fiber cable and optical fiber cable with plug patent, US-7221463-B2: Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device patent, US-7342458-B2: Negative gain transductance amplifier circuit patent, US-7550402-B2: Ceramic electronic device and the production method patent, US-8222055-B2: Silicon nitride layer for light emitting device, light emitting device using the same, and method of forming silicon nitride layer for light emitting device patent, US-6899393-B2: Linkage mechanism for a motion chair patent, US-7284037-B2: Survey method patent, US-7292581-B2: Large-scale layer 2 metropolitan area network patent, US-7423371-B2: Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-7969650-B2: Multiplex near-field microscopy with diffractive elements patent, US-8167066-B2: Defined internal combustion engine operation in vehicles having a hybrid drive patent, US-8552213-B2: Compound patent, US-6755374-B1: Anti-Torque and yaw-control system for a rotary-wing aircraft patent, US-6872327-B2: Defrosting agent and method for melting snow and ice patent, US-6897227-B2: Prodrugs of proton pump inhibitors patent, US-7178921-B2: Image projection apparatus patent, US-7281225-B2: Circuit verification using multiple engines patent, US-7635981-B2: Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus patent, US-7672342-B2: Method and radiation source for generating pulsed coherent radiation patent, US-7714561-B2: Driver for DC-to-DC converter with controller interface patent, US-7845966-B2: Device for protecting the engageable elements of a connector patent, US-7880934-B2: Methods and apparatus for watermarking digitally printed documents patent, US-7919764-B2: Method and apparatus for enhanced terahertz radiation from high stacking fault density patent, US-7979917-B2: Rear break away ballistics vest patent, US-8365768-B2: Fluidic device unit structure patent, US-8462490-B2: Mobile terminal case, mobile terminal having the same and method for manufacturing mobile terminal patent, US-6946935-B2: Ground fault circuit interrupter with reverse wiring protection patent, US-7302912-B2: Discharge unit for a game feeder patent, US-7378541-B2: Oxide catalyst for oxidation or ammoxidation patent, US-7479122-B2: Frame for an orthopedic brace including offset hinges patent, US-7480114-B2: Synchronous servo channel for tape drive systems patent, US-7637129-B2: Air jet pressurized clothes washing machine patent, US-7774213-B2: Apparatus and method for managing prescription benefits patent, US-7798545-B2: Consumer post hole digger patent, US-7859373-B2: Contact device patent, US-8263083-B2: Combination therapy with antibody-drug conjugates patent, US-6906592-B2: Continuously variable gain radio frequency driver amplifier having linear in decibel gain control characteristics patent, US-7029700-B2: Micronized freeze-dried particles patent, US-7371519-B2: Methods and kits for indirect labeling of nucleic acids patent, US-7409117-B2: Dynamic laser power control for gas species monitoring patent, US-7806918-B2: Removable stent patent, US-8286293-B2: Substrate cleaning device and substrate processing apparatus including the same patent, US-7016882-B2: Method and apparatus for evolutionary design patent, US-7128743-B2: Apparatus for bracing vertebrae patent, US-7284501-B2: Containment pens for finfish aquaculture patent, US-7678795-B2: Pyridazines as 11b-HSD1 inhibitors patent, US-8211184-B2: Acetabular cup patent, US-8586165-B2: Method and machine for making foam cushions patent, US-6747893-B2: Storing data in non-volatile memory devices patent, US-7184492-B2: Using antenna arrays in multipath environment patent, US-6962392-B2: Articulated headrest patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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