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DE-3061846-D1: Hollow roller tapered bearing patent, DE-3061888-D1: Process for the catalytic hydrodesulphurization of a residual fraction of a hydrocarbon oil patent, DE-3062104-D1: Adsorbent gas fractionator and gas fractionation process patent, DE-3062397-D1: Opto-electric device for localising a luminous point-source patent, DE-3062546-D1: Composition for the control of suckling mastitis and pyogenes mastitis in cattle patent, DE-3063833-D1: Device for printing documents patent, DE-3064340-D1: Method of casting-in an electrical appliance patent, DE-3064561-D1: A device for enamelling the interiors of vessels patent, DE-3065910-D1: Semicontinuous process for the manufacture of pure silicon patent, DE-3066587-D1: Surface-sealed moulded bodies of cellular polyurethane elastomers, a process for their preparation, and their use patent, DE-3066689-D1: Method of manufacturing a layer containig silicon with an hybrid structure between an amorphous and a polycrystalline form, and solar cell containig such a layer patent, DE-3068237-D1: Sliding caliper disc brake patent, DE-3068298-D1: A method of producing x-ray diffracting gratings patent, DE-3068513-D1: Powdery bitumen concentrate and use thereof patent, DE-3068763-D1: Nonflammable building material and process for its preparation patent, DE-3071154-D1: Electromagnetic pickup cartridge patent, DE-3071188-D1: Washing machine basket positioning device patent, DE-3071519-D1: Construction element adjustable in length patent, DE-3160001-D1: Adhesive tape patent, DE-3160228-D1: Pipette with positive displacement patent, DE-3160554-D1: Light sensitive vesicular material patent, DE-3160624-D1: Flat film die with adjustable operating point patent, DE-3161926-D1: Method and plant for the thickening of offal patent, DE-3162322-D1: Luminescent screen and low-pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp comprising such a screen patent, DE-3162470-D1: Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with submicron lines patent, DE-3162485-D1: Process for the production of a photographic image by the silver-dye bleaching process and the photographic material intended for this process patent, DE-3163394-D1: Perforation apparatus for boreholes patent, DE-3163807-D1: Sheet transfer cylinder for rotary printing machines patent, DE-3164705-D1: Gantry crane patent, DE-3164965-D1: Method and composition for inhibiting corrosion of metal surfaces in aqueous solutions patent, DE-3165266-D1: Method of producing foamed bodies from water glass patent, DE-3165898-D1: Stuffing box packing system patent, DE-3166786-D1: Single-ended switching converter patent, DE-3166906-D1: Microcapsules having a specific opening temperature, method for their preparation and their application patent, DE-3166907-D1: Method of phosphating metallic surfaces patent, DE-3167459-D1: Shingler wheel for sheet feed apparatus and sheet feed apparatus comprising the same patent, DE-3167580-D1: Installation for the storage and/or transportation of nuclear fuel element assemblies patent, DE-3168889-D1: Demountable vehicle body patent, DE-3168953-D1: Device for hanging products on a display device patent, DE-3169261-D1: Aryl diazabicyclyl amides, a process for their preparation and use patent, DE-3169468-D1: Process and apparatus for preparing finely-divided silicon dioxide having high thickening capacity and good thixotropic properties patent, DE-3169596-D1: Method for manufacture of silicon carbide patent, DE-3169611-D1: Diazole and triazole derivatives, processes for their preparation and anti-microbial compositions containing them patent, DE-3169850-D1: Ventilating and heating system patent, DE-3171046-D1: Recoilless weapon patent, DE-3171946-D1: Miniature circuit breaker with high rupture capacity patent, DE-3172503-D1: Oil- and low temperature-resistant fluorine-containing elastomer patent, DE-3172770-D1: Low power transmitter patent, DE-3172954-D1: Liquid treatment device patent, DE-3173187-D1: Internal grab for lifting loads, especially rolls patent, DE-3174340-D1: Auxiliary transmission neutral positioning and locking control mechanism patent, DE-3175021-D1: Copying apparatus patent, DE-3175388-D1: Scroll type fluid displacement apparatus with oil separating mechanism patent, DE-3175540-D1: Single dose mascara dispenser, an aseptic make-up for eyelashes patent, DE-3175826-D1: Baling press patent, DE-3176144-D1: Device for horizontal continuous casting patent, DE-3260049-D1: Low calorie food composition patent, DE-3260138-D1: The use of poly(oxyalkylated) hydrazines as corrosion inhibitors patent, DE-3260515-D1: Test stand for high-trajectory firearms patent, DE-3262314-D1: Cleaner-polish for fiberglass and ceramic surfaces patent, DE-3263064-D1: Electric motors patent, DE-3264178-D1: A cooling system of an internal combustion engine patent, DE-3265475-D1: Lubricating oil additives based on styrene and heavy (c12-20)-alkylmethacrylates, process for their preparation and applications thereof patent, DE-3265548-D1: A method of finely crushing particles of material in a centrifugal mill and apparatus for performing the method patent, DE-3265613-D1: Use of a coating material for optical glass fibers patent, DE-3265797-D1: Fast breeder reactor with a residual heat dissipation system patent, DE-3266877-D1: High-vacuum molecular pump patent, DE-3267229-D1: Casting or splinting package and method of constructing same patent, DE-3268802-D1: Phase splitter with integrated latching circuit patent, DE-3270056-D1: Vapor state process for the preparation of diesters of oxalic acid patent, DE-3270852-D1: Sprue bushing connector assembly and method patent, DE-3271345-D1: Method of and apparatus for cooling a wet particulate food product, especially a cheese type food product patent, DE-3271661-D1: Tight forced-draught burner with microprocessor regulation patent, DE-3272014-D1: Process for the preparation of 1,3,5-trichlorobenzene patent, DE-3272501-D1: High density connecting system and method for semi-conductor devices patent, DE-3273398-D1: Alkalized cocoa powders and foodstuffs containing such powder patent, DE-3275151-D1: Method of making an integral gas cooler assembly and an integral gas cooler assembly made thereby patent, DE-3275529-D1: Package for carpet-treating solids patent, DE-3275537-D1: Treatment of industrial wastewater patent, DE-3275784-D1: Process and plate for processing miniature electronic components patent, DE-3276130-D1: Hydrostatic clutch patent, DE-3276255-D1: Sliding load holder with a telescopic structure and x-ray apparatus provided with such a sliding load holder patent, DE-3277614-D1: Pacemaker patent, DE-3278111-D1: Induction heating inverter device patent, DE-3278319-D1: Word processing system having a formatting bidirectional printer patent, DE-3279215-D1: Electrode for the electrochemical regeneration of co-enzyme, a method of making said electrode, and the use thereof patent, DE-3279639-D1: Electronic camera patent, DE-3279654-D1: Recovery of power from vaporization of liquefied natural gas patent, DE-3280138-D1: Nahrungsmittelbehaelter mit mitteln zum ausloesen einer heizwirkung. patent, DE-3360172-D1: Hot water installation patent, DE-3361179-D1: Apparatus for shearing fabrics patent, DE-3362736-D1: Dispenser for fluid, viscous or powdered products patent, DE-3362828-D1: Pipe joint, in particular for oil pipes patent, DE-3363117-D1: Sheet conveying device patent, DE-3365818-D1: Apparatus for welding a cap to a container body patent, DE-3365957-D1: Light-sensitive silver halide color photographic material patent, DE-3366913-D1: Process for the preparation of phenylethanol amines patent, DE-3367085-D1: Stable cementitious composition patent, DE-3367975-D1: Hose coupling patent, DE-3368408-D1: Acrylic and methacrylic acid diesters and their use patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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